album "dogma"

This is it.
Three months in my country retreat to record and mix my seventh album.A tea break every hour kept the morale of the troops sky high.
Twelve songs played and sung by me and my pals Christophe Etard on the drums and Frederic Leclair on the guitar.Frederic was also at the controls and did the mixing and mastering.
We had fun making the record and feel you should have fun sharing it with us.
A big THANK YOU goes to DOGMATRIX RECS. for their unwavering support during the cold nights of sweat and toil.
SHE'S JUST THERE.  I was in Venice  and fifteen years old when I saw her - red dress and black hair.If there'd been any traffic,it would have stopped.
SOMETHING ABOUT YOU. I managed to get two of my best heros into what is essentially a love or love to song.Slim and Hank are always there.
I SHOULDN'T CARE. Its my own fault,but its so much easier to blame it on someone else.What makes you good makes me bad.
COUNT ON ME. Don't worry,relax- I'll be there to carry you home.
SHINE A LIGHT. When I wake up in panic at 4 a.m.A message to you and to me too,if you like.The light is there but sometimes you can't see.
STUPID GIRL. You may think she's stupid,but first impressions can be wrong.She's a winner.
TALKING TO THE NATION. Life immitates reality T.V.Go on the telly and rule the world from the comfort of your own armchair.
RED GUITAR. I've got everything I need.A day in the life of this playboy living in the sun.Things could be worse.
IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER. Well it does! But when it comes to the final whistle,I won't loose a lot of sleep over stories of them and us.
GOLD PLATE RADIO. My car thinks its a Cadillac.Fur seats - naked in the back - good thing the windows are black.
ALL I KNOW. Philosophy rears its head.You should accept simple pleasures and value them.Take a smile and put it in your pocket.Save it for a rainy day.
HANGMAN BLUES. A tribute to Leadbelly.Standing on the scaffold and looking out over the wall.
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