album "dogma"

This is it.
Three months in my country retreat to record and mix my seventh album.A tea break every hour kept the morale of the troops sky high.
Twelve songs played and sung by me and my pals Christophe Etard on the drums and Frederic Leclair on the guitar.Frederic was also at the controls and did the mixing and mastering.
We had fun making the record and feel you should have fun sharing it with us.
A big THANK YOU goes to DOGMATRIX RECS. for their unwavering support during the cold nights of sweat and toil.
SHE'S JUST THERE.  I was in Venice  and fifteen years old when I saw her - red dress and black hair.If there'd been any traffic,it would have stopped.
SOMETHING ABOUT YOU. I managed to get two of my best heros into what is essentially a love or love to song.Slim and Hank are always there.
I SHOULDN'T CARE. Its my own fault,but its so much easier to blame it on someone else.What makes you good makes me bad.
COUNT ON ME. Don't worry,relax- I'll be there to carry you home.
SHINE A LIGHT. When I wake up in panic at 4 a.m.A message to you and to me too,if you like.The light is there but sometimes you can't see.
STUPID GIRL. You may think she's stupid,but first impressions can be wrong.She's a winner.
TALKING TO THE NATION. Life immitates reality T.V.Go on the telly and rule the world from the comfort of your own armchair.
RED GUITAR. I've got everything I need.A day in the life of this playboy living in the sun.Things could be worse.
IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER. Well it does! But when it comes to the final whistle,I won't loose a lot of sleep over stories of them and us.
GOLD PLATE RADIO. My car thinks its a Cadillac.Fur seats - naked in the back - good thing the windows are black.
ALL I KNOW. Philosophy rears its head.You should accept simple pleasures and value them.Take a smile and put it in your pocket.Save it for a rainy day.
HANGMAN BLUES. A tribute to Leadbelly.Standing on the scaffold and looking out over the wall.
For more information:  johnbrassett@hotmail.com

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JOHN BRASSETT .biography

JOHN BRASSETT. Brief biography.




Born in 1952, John Brassett grew up in the golden age of British Rock and blues, joining his first group in 1967. Between 1974 and 1982 he was at the heart of LEFT HAND DRIVE and THE RUSSIANS on the British pub circuit, sharing the sweat and beer stained carpets with such as The Stranglers , 101 ers, Bauhaus etc. A brief moment of glory came with the release of two singles from LEFT HAND DRIVE, ( Jailbait – Who Said Rock and Roll is Dead) and another from THE RUSSIANS ( No Title) followed by a live session for the legendary John Peel on BBC Radio 1.


Following the break up of THE RUSSIANS in 1982, John joined rock and roll legend FREDDIE FINGERS LEE and toured extensively in France and in Britain and Germany. The taste of the Continental lifestyle proving too strong to resist, he set up camp in central France in the mid Eighties and remains resident in the region to this day.



Throughout the nineties and into the new millenium, John continues to record albums for his own label. The bluesy HANG DOG DAYS saw the light in 1994, followed a year later by SHED, a romp in the country blues vain. Over the following ten years, six more albums have come out, ranging from the electronic excursion of SHAKE THE TREE to the 2005 live blues rock release SPIRIT.


JOHN BRASSETT – guitar/ bass/ vocals

FREDERIC LECLAIR – guitar/ backing vocals





I joined Left Hand Drive in 1974. At that time they were one of the leading lights in the Northampton music scene. They featured trhe twin lead guitars of JACK SWANN and DAVE CLEMMO, me on the bass and Scotsman TOMMY KERR on drums. We were a tight little unit playing loud in pubs and small halls around the UK. On the vocals , arriving some time after me was the very exotic STEVE PARISH. Steve was a refugee from another Northampton group called WINDLORD, in which I played bass for a short time.

After a couple of years touring in this format, Steve and Dave left the group to be replaced by singer MARTIN HARNEY.

This was perhaps the most well known version of LHD, becoming much more dynamic on stage and speeding up the songs by 30 per cent and eliminating time wasting between songs . Two singles came out of this group : JAILBAIT / MOTORWAY CROW and WHO SAID ROCK AND ROLL IS DEAD / I KNOW WHERE I AM.

The group went out with a bang in 1978 with an explosive gig at the famous ORANGES AND LEMONS in Oxford. Guitars and amplifiers were trashed and by the end of the evening half of the sound system was no longer operational.



Two survivors from LEFT HAND DRIVE, JACK SWANN and me decided to put together another group with the aim of taking the world by storm with our brand of "  Trash Pop ". The first move was to find a girl singer, so an ad was placed in the local paper which was answered by the blonde bombshell JULIE REBELLOWITSCH , who lied about her age her nationality, her name and her career, to get into the group. Her plan worked instantly, we were hooked ! After a few weeks of tumultuous rehearsals we decided a drummer was needed and JOHN LUCCIBELLO duly responded to our advert posted on the door at a BAUHAUS gig in Northampton. The mix of experience and youth worked to a tee and the RUSSIANS quickly went on to record a live session for The JOHN PEEL SHOW on BBC Radio 1 . JACK SWANN , however decided to leave the group just proir to the recording in order to go back to his earlier career as an actor. DUSTY MILLER stepped into the empty Doc Martens of the guitar slot and learnt the songs in record time to save the day. One great guitarist replaced by another great guitarist. In 1980 the RUSSIANS released NO TITLE / ANYTHING SHE WANTS on the LAZER RECORDS label run by two glamorous girls from Shepherds Bush. The record was not a hit. Unperturbed by this the RUSSIANS ploughed on for some time until the departure of DUSTY on a cold autumn morning in Newcastle. He was replaced by a string of young guitarists until the demise of the group in late 1982. The RUSSIANS story ends.



Official news site : johnbrassettgroup.skynetblogs.be/





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Pourquoi Dogma ? Pourquoi encore un disque ? Je vais tout t’expliquer.

La première fois que j’ai embrassé une fille, c’était dans le parking de la salle des fêtes de Yardley Gobion,un petit village pas loin de Northampton, en Angleterre. Elle s’appelait Barbara et sans aucun doute j’étais amoureux.

C’était aussi la première fois que je voyais un certain groupe du coin qui avait pour nom 

"The Inmost ".Ils étaient les héros de la région. Ils jouaient sur des Stratocaster branchées sur ampli Vox. Leurs coupes de cheveux étaient parfaites, et surtout, les filles les adoraient.

Et la musique ? C’était fort, très fort.

Mes oreilles avaient l’habitude d’écouter The Who, Small Faces, Stones et Yardbirds sur mon tourne-disque Dancette. Le volume sonore fourni par ses cinq watts restait bien léger.

The Inmost, c’était tout autre chose ! Deux heures après la fin du concert, mes oreilles et ma tête résonnaient encore. Tout simplement, c’était magique ! Et cet instant est resté gravé dans ma tête jusqu'à aujourd’hui.

Un an plus tard, après une autre soirée passée à écouter The Inmost, je rencontre Ben.

Ben avait trois ans de plus que moi et aimait The Yardbirds, John Mayall and Howlin Wolf. Moi j’avais une guitare mais je ne savais pas en jouer. Lui, il avait une magnifique Harmony Meteor fabriquée en 1960 chez Oncle Sam.

On discute pas mal ce soir-là et vers minuit, il m’invite à faire partie de son groupe; comme je ne savais pas jouer de la guitare, on a décidé que je serais bassiste. D’accord ! Mais j’avais pas de basse, ni l’argent pour en acheter ! Une seule solution !.J’enlève les six petites cordes et les remplace par quatre grosses cordes de basse, comme chevalet, un porte-menu en plastique taillé au couteau chauffé. C’était rustique…mais ça marchait ! J’avais une basse et donc j’ étais bassiste. C’était mon premier bricolage et c’était mon premier groupe. Oui, j’étais le bassiste du Ben Rood Blues Band !!

On jouait le soir après l’école,chez Ben. Quand le jour arriva de notre premier concert, il y avait trente chansons sur la "set liste ". On jouait au club des jeunes du village et le concert se déroulait en même temps qu’un match de ping- pong. J’ai alors réalisé que notre liste était faite de chansons qu’on aimait plutôt que de chansons qu’on connaissait. La seule chose à faire était donc d’ improviser.

Depuis, rien n’a changé. J’ai commencé à écrire des chansons. Oui, c’est ça mon truc :j’écris des chansons et je les joue.

Quand j’avais quinze ans on me disait trop jeune pour jouer dans les pubs...A vingt-cinq ans, on me disait trop vieux pour jouer avec les punks. A quarante, trop jeune pour être bluesman! A cinquante ans… je me dis que je n’ai plus d’âge et c’est tant mieux ! Libéré de la jeunesse et encore en pleine forme. Que demander de plus ?

DOGMA… C’est un témoignage de ma vie. Enregistré dans ma retraite rurale avec mes deux complices Frédéric Leclair à la guitare et Christophe Etard à la batterie. Nous avons pris le temps de travailler à notre vitesse et de terminer avec non seulement quelque chose qu ‘on aime mais quelque chose qui nous ressemble.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai toujours le même plaisir à prendre ma guitare dans mes mains et toujours le même bonheur chaque fois que je chante mes chansons. La Harmony Meteor de Ben habite chez moi depuis pas mal de temps et elle sonne toujours aussi bien qu’en 1968.Elle n’ aimerait pas l’idée de retraite – Moi non plus !

Oh!Et Barbara? Notre amour a duré sept semaines…. J’étais trop jeune, trop triste et parlais de guitare tout le temps !

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