Sitting in the window looking at the rain

Walking to the station looking at the trains

Sitting in the park trying to breathe some air

Try to hitch a ride, won’t you take us anywhere

Sweating in my bed there must be a reason

Better roll over it must be the season

Sitting by the telephone waiting for a call

The kids are coming round and we’re gonna have a ball

But they’re looking at the TV the whole night long

You gotta help me out I’ve gotta get some fun

Switching around I can’t be satisfied

Better roll over on the other side

Can’t stand the rain I can’t stand the pain

Can’t stand the cold it’s chilling my bones

Can’t watch the TV it’s driving me crazy

Just a bimbo and a whore they all seem so lazy

Searching around I can’t be satisfied

Better roll over find another place to hide

Paroles et musique : John A Brassett






You and me cruising down the ville

Spent the whole night looking for your gal

Its not like her to be late

I get to thinking about what could be her fate

You and me we’re prison bound

Got to change my name got to leave this town

We had a meeting in the doorway

Of a shop on the ruined side of town

She gets in with her new friend

I find my face crawling into my hands

You and me we’re prison bound

Got to change my name got to leave this town

Ten yards down the road

I hear some sirens howl

Two chickens on my back

We fell for someone’s diabolical trap

You and me we’re prison bound

Got to change my name got to leave this town

But you got off with a speeding ticket

We went on and left the chickens

I pinched myself cos I couldn’t believe

We was still outside and free and kicking

We laughed because we thought that we were prison bound

Got to leave this town

Paroles et musique : John A Brassett. 






It’s getting so hard

Just to be next to you

One of these days

We’ll just go crazy

I know it in my heart

I just couldn’t feel no pain with you


I have to see you again and again

I have to see you again and again.

You don’t need anyone to tell you

This is the only card I can play

You don’t need anyone to tell you

This is the only way with me

Hey Curly close your eyes

This should be no surprise to you.

Paroles et musique : John A Brassett.






I got a hotrod

I got a hot dog

I got a Rolling Stone

In the kitchen there’s a pisture of the Queen

Aint it just the cutest thing you ever did see ?

I got a job

Living in the underground

It keeps me happy

It keeps me free

Don’t trust the president

Don’t trust the government

Don’t trust the radio

The DJ’s just a gigolo

So don’t come knocking on my door

Don’t come around anymore

I’m not at home

I’m on the roam

It’s in my nature

I’ve got to be free

I don’t want you

You don’t need me


Paroles et musique : John A Brassett.





I’m not in love with money

But I’ve got my money on you

Don’t know much about geography

But I’m on my way to you

No use to walk away

If you ask me I won’t go

I’ll be hanging round your back door

I’ll be your back door crow


I don’t care what your daddy says

I’ve got to get along

Come on baby let’s take a chance

Let’s go wild

So put your black dress on

And your rockabilly shoes

We’ll go out and shake about

We’ll do anything you wanna do

If your daddy he comes looking

We’ll snuggle up and hide

Out the back of the dancing shack

In the middle of the night.

Take this piece of silver

Put it next to your heart

Take it out and rub it

I’ll be revving up my car

I’m your rockabilly baby

Your Saturday night man

The rebel in your pocket

I know that you’ll understand

Paroles et musique : John A Brassett.







Here I am again

Looking out at the sea

On the sand again

Looking out at the sea


Sometimes I hear you calling

Sometimes I feel I’m falling

Over the sea and far away

Over the sea It’s another day

We are young we are beautiful still

Cheating time we are beautiful still

Me, I’m all alone

Take a look around

See the shadows fall

Autumn leaves are calling me back

There’s rust where the wheels used to shine.

Paroles et musique : John A Brassett.






Sweet sixteen,

Telephone head

Brain like a refrigerator

Living half dead

Thinking about her honeymoon

Just got out of school

From a sister to a lover

Baby from her brother

Judy don’t like it

Everybody got to go home

Looking at the TV

She’s got all the names

And she’s got all the endings

Stacked up in her brain

Looking through her catalogue

And drinking lemon tea

Checking out the grease spots

In her house beside the sea

Little Judy don’t like it

Everybody got to go home

She’s got perfect lips

Shame they never got fed

Can’t worry about the government

She’s looking at her legs

In the mirror there’s a spot

From her cheek right to her brain

She’s living in a war zone

Got no time to play

Little Judy don’t like it

Everybody got to go home


Paroles et musique : John A Brassett.





The moon is up

The stars are bright

Everything’s alright

I’m gonna be your lover tonight

I’ve got some moondust in my hand

I think you’ll understand

I’ve got to be your loving man

Now I’ve been chasing you a long long time

You’d think anyone could see

That every woman needs a man

That man is me

So call me up day or night

I’m hanging on the telephone

Get on the line

And I’ll be your number one


Paroles et musique : John A Brassett





When I was a young boy

We didn’t have that much to do

Just the radio playing on a Sunday afternoon

Then I fell in love with a girl and a jukebox

On a Saturday night

And I realised that my love was true

Put on my jeans

And I got an electric guitar

Got the moves

And practiced in my room


We were the kids that invented rock and roll

We took the treasure to the people

Though time goes by never shall it die

This was the sound that changed the world.

So I found myself some pals

And a corner of a house

We realised you’ve got to cut it with a guitar

So we practiced day and night

Till we got it right

Then the juke box girl was dancing to our song

We went outside

Into the broad daylight

And we realised

We were not alone.

We called ourselves a band

And we went up and down the land

To spread the word and have some good times on the way

And the juke box girl now

She’s still hanging out

And talking to her children you can hear her say

Treat it right

It’ll always leave you high

It’s a fundamental principle of life.

Paroles et musique : John A Brassett.




Just another day

Just another week in time

Passing by

Me I’m standing on the corner

But I’m not wasting my time

Been working so hard

Wouldn’t change it

Wouldn’t even try

I guess I don’t mind

Working so hard

Sitting by the road

In my beat up old car

Watching the people pass by

Guess I’m looking at their lives

Been searching so hard

Looking for salvation

I guess I don’t mind

Searching so hard


Shine a light,shine a light

Shine a light on me.

Been crying all the time

So lonely every night

I guess I don’t mind

Crying all the time

It’s called taking your time

It’s called keeping your mind

And you will find

That you’re on the line

Don’t worry about today

The bills you have to pay

And you will find

That you’re in the light

Paroles et musique : John A Brassett.





Tried to call my baby on the telephone

She said I’m busy won’t you leave me alone

I said but honey you’re my number one

I ‘ll be your number two let’s have some fun


I’ve got a problem with my head

It thinks my body’s dead

I’ve had an ambition since the start of time

Wanna take a trip to the other side

I see you and you are me

We’re changing all the time

I’ve got a problem with my car

It’s raining and I’m complaining

Give me some bread and I’ll give you a smile

Take you on a trip to the other side

The indians have left the reservation

There’s a noise right across the nation

The fat man’s got the blues

He’s got nothing better to do

Give me a drink and I’ll give you a smile

Take you on a trip to the other side.

Paroles et musique : John A Brassett.





Charlie was walking down the road

Got a pistol in his hand

Said I’m looking for justice

He’s a worried man

Said there’s been some problem

Across the other side of town

One of them boys from the other side

Shot my baby down


Yeah got a pistol in his hand

Yeah cos he’s a worried man


He looked that fella right in the eye

Said now you is dead

Put his pistol right up to his face

Shot him right through the head

Now he’s sitting in the prison hole

Don’t know what to do

Said if I could get a gun

I’d shoot this wall right through

He was only looking for justice

For the man that shot his gal

But now he’s rotting in the prison hole

And they’re all on the road to hell

Yeah You know it aint right

Yeah you know it aint right

Paroles et musique : John A Brassett.






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Depuis l’âge d’or des années soixante, John Brassett trace son chemin très personnel dans le monde de la musique indépendante.

Né en 1952 à Stony Stratford, Angleterre, il habite en France depuis 1985.

Cette année démarre avec son huitième CD enregistré en live à la Coopérative de Mai , Clermont-Fd. avec The John Brassett Group ( Frédéric Leclair à la guitare et Christophe Etard à la batterie). Le chant, la basse et la guitare acoustique sont assurés par John.

Le disque ‘SPIRIT’ a été enregistré en un seul concert le 6 décembre 2004.

Pourquoi un live après sept albums studio ? C’est quelque chose que je n’ai jamais fait jusqu’alors mais j’en avais de plus en plus envie, surtout pour le fun mais aussi pour montrer que la musique rock est bien vivante et exprime sa véritable identité devant un public. Le rock doit être spontané, cru et fidèle à ses origines de rébellion et de fête.


BLOW ME UP. Notre contribution au monde du jazz. Je voulais une émeute musicale pour ouvrir le disque. Mission accomplie.

GOT A HOT ROD. Je me situe dans l’univers. Thé, Rolling Stones et la Reine.

JUDY DON’T LIKE IT. Seize ans et déjà vieille. ‘She looks good pram pushing down the High street’, mais quel dommage qu’elle se ferme dans son bungalow pour oublier le monde.

CHICKEN T. Une chanson inspirée par les bas fonds de Clermont-Fd. Elle, jolie call girl amateur, moi dans la mauvaise voiture au mauvais moment avec les flics à ma poursuite.

WORRIED MAN. Rude boy cherche sa revanche après un assassinat de gang. Sa chérie ne revient plus. A la fin, tout le monde est dans le trou. Pour cette chanson, Frédéric joue de l’orgue.

HEAR YOU CALLING. Une autre chanson avec de l’orgue, cette fois c’est moi au volant. Changer de pays, changer de vie, tout changer.

CURLY. Chanson d’amour imaginaire pour amour imaginaire. Je dois te voir encore et encore.

SHINE A LIGHT ON ME. Marche doucement, vis ta propre vie, regarde autour de toi. Ne jamais t’arrêter et un jour bingo ! Relax, be happy.

BETTER ROLL OVER. Si l’on a pu construire les pyramides il y a 4000 ans, imaginez-vous ce que l’on peut construire au 21ème siècle ? Ennui et violence se mêlent pour sauver le monde.

GOT MY MONEY ON YOU. Hey Curly close your eyes. Rendez-vous derrière la salle de danse, avec tes chaussures de rockabilly.

TAKE A TRIP. L’histoire de ma vie. La voiture en panne, la télé aussi. J’escalade le mur pour voir de l’autre côté.

ROCK AND ROLL KIDS. Quand j’étais jeune, on écoutait la radio. Un samedi soir, je tombe amoureux d’une fille et de la musique. Je savais que c’était pour la vie.

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